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Amboise is a commune in the Indre-et-Loire department in central France. It lies on the banks of the Loire River, east of Tours. Today a small market town, it was once home of the French royal court. The town of Amboise is also only about away from the historic Château de Chenonceau, situated on the (...) (from Wikipedia).
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From Trip: France/Milan/Amalfi/2013
By: leonierobyn

3 nights...Friday 7th June, Saturday 8th June, Sunday 9th June.

Day 1: 7th June, Friday.....We will probably arrive late in the afternoon, don't rush take a leisurely drive here and stop off at any interesting looking villages along the way.  Settle in.  Take a short walk along the banks of the Loire River, past the old church of St. Denis (a short walk from where we are staying) and meander through the heart of town.   See map in Photo sort.
Day 2: 8th June, Saturday.....Visit Chenonceau early (arrive by 9.00) when crowds are small; spend midday at Chambord (30 minute drive from Chenonceau); and move onto Blois in the afternoon then visit Cheverny of the way back (the hunting dogs are fed at 5 oclock on most days at Cheverny).  Evening spend in Amboise.  
*   Visit Chocolate Fantasy: A tasty stop for chocoholics "Bigot Patisserie & Chocolatier.  Try their specialty, Puits, d'Amour.  one block off the river, where Michel Debre meets rue Nationale. 
Day 3: 9th June, Sunday....Visit Chateau du Clos-Luce and Leonardo da Vinci Park.  This sound interesting.  13E admission (expensive).  This is the plush palace where he spent his last 3 years.  Built in 1940.  It re creates with Renaissance music the everyday atmosphere Leonardo enjoyed while he lived here.
Noon - do a winery tour.  We may have to book ahead.
Some famous wineries are Vouvray wine region and Sancerre famous for white wines.
In Vouvray you'll find wall to wall opportunities for wine tasting, including a convenient, top quality winery, Marc Bredif.  They have a good if pricey selection of Vouvray wines, as well as red wines from Chinon and Bourgeuil (the most reputed reds in the Loire).  Reserve ahead for their wine and cheese tastings.  You can also take a E5 tour of their impressive 1.2 miles of cellars dug into the hillside. (see Rick Steves Wine tasting highlights)

Depart for Sarlat in the Dordogne Region on Monday 10th June  (4 hour drive)

From Trip: France 2
By: NicoleMarques

  • Clos Lucé



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