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Bordeaux (; Gascon: Bordèu) is a port city on the Garonne River in southwest France, with an estimated (2008) population of 250,082. The Bordeaux-Arcachon-Libourne metropolitan area, has a population of 1,010,000 and constitutes the sixth-largest urban area in France (...) (from Wikipedia).
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From Trip: France Spain Pamplona
By: Llew

Drive to bordeaux and surf around lacanau and that area
Check this link out :)
In summer and early autumn, Lacanau is a buzzing resort town with plenty of nightlife. Alternatively head south to Dune de Pyla and hike up the biggest sand dune in Europe; then slide down it.

From Trip: France Spain Pamplona
By: Llew

back up to bordeaux, thinking of hitting a few northern spots in france??

From Trip: France 2013
By: jmumford

Day 7 arrive in Bordeaux

Stay in Hotel Pullman Bordeaux Aquitaine
1 Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue
333000 France

From Trip: South of France
By: diana.popescu@gmail.

Se pleaca spre Bordeaux. Se viziteaza impozantul oras ,care a fost descris foarte sugestiv de Rodin:” ganditi-va la Versailles , mai adaugati putin din Anvers , totul asezat majestos pe malul fluviului Garonne si veti avea imaginea Bordeaux-lui “

From Trip: Europe Trip
By: JosieWeller

  • Bordeaux Cathedral
From Trip: From Lithuania to Portugal and back
By: RimaAdomaviciute

07.11 perpiet atvykstame į Bordo. Kelios valandos mieste ir važiuojame link Ispanijos šiaurinės pakrantės (pvz.: San Sebastian) ieškotis nakvynės.

Bordeaux - San Sebastian (244 km, 2 valandos 25 minutės)

From Trip: Continental Teaser + Euro-Centric
By: JosieWeller

  • Bordeaux Cathedral
  • Le Miroir d'Eau
From Trip: European Advenure
By: C-Wo

A stop to spend an afternoon tasting wine & cheese in Bordeaux.  What could be more pretentious?  Ummmm noting.  We'll have to boo the cheapest tour to keep with our theme.

From Trip: 456
By: ashrafgouda

  • Bordeaux Cathedral



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