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Manzanares Park (in Spanish: Parque del Manzanares) is a large, 650 Ha. park in the south of Madrid, Spain. It follows the Manzanares River, backbone of the park, for fifteen km between the Casa de Campo and the town of Getafe
The first part (Primer Tramo) of the park was inaugurated on April 29, 2003. The rest of the Park is under construction.

A view of the Umbraculo
The most significant areas of the finished part are:
The Green Square (Plaza Verde), a wooden amphitheatre structure.
The Alley of Senses (Paseo de los Sentidos), which goes along the river and is planted with palm trees, oak, cork, olive trees and other mediterranean species.
The Umbráculo.
The Watchtower (Atalaya), a pyramid-like structure with a 13 m high sculpture by Manolo Valdés on top representing the head of a woman looking at the city.
The Pérgola.
The Sports Area, with several football, basketball and handball fields.
The Loop, a six metre wide way around the park.
The Belvedere Park.
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