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Located in the west of Switzerland, close to the French border, Geneva provides visitors with a tranquil atmosphere in which to enjoy a vacation break, despite the city’s financial and diplomatic prominence.
Geneva International Airport is located right on the French-Swiss border, just a few miles from the city center. It caters for both budget and conventional airlines, and is therefore readily accessible.
Those planning a trip to Geneva can also reach the city by road or rail from across Europe, with the likes of Lyon (France), Torino (Italy) and Zurich (Switzerland) all less than three hours away.
The city is home to a number of historical buildings which offer an array of architectural designs. Popular places to visit include St. Peter’s Cathedral, Notre-Dame Church, and the Russian Orthodox Church. The old town of Geneva is popular with those looking to spend an afternoon meandering at their own pace.
One of Geneva’s most popular tourist attractions is the Jet d’Eau, a water jet that shoots its spray 140 meters into the air. The water fountain can be found on Lake Geneva, another of the city’s most admired attractions. Boat trips on the lakes and walks along its shores are prevalent, while a number of tours visit the two islands found on the expansive lake.Boat tours are also available for those wishing to enjoy the River Rhone, which passes through Lake Geneva.
Back on dry land, Geneva is home to a large number of museums and art galleries, as well as botanical gardens and parks, all of which are ideal destinations to spend a few hours. When planning a trip to Geneva, visitors should make sure they spot by Jardin Anglais (English Garden) to see the famed flower clock.
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From Trip: Europe Free & Easy
By: min

  • Geneva Airport railway station
From Trip: mike & jo's road trip
By: jo&mike

  • Calvin Auditory
  • L'horloge fleurie
  • Jardin Anglais
  • Jet d'Eau
  • Musée d'Art et d'Histoire (Geneva)
  • Place du Bourg-de-Four
From Trip: eurotrip
By: SebastianBerg

  • Geneva International Airport
From Trip: Europe Trip
By: JosieWeller

  • Jet d'Eau
  • Jardin Anglais
  • Jardin Anglais
  • Reformation Wall
From Trip: EuroTrip 2014
By: georgaco

  • Hekhal Haness Synagogue
From Trip: Summer 2014 from Zurich to Madrid and back
By: camholck

  • Jet d'Eau
From Trip: Paris-Torino
By: CarolaCronenbold

  • Jardin Anglais
  • Jet d'Eau
  • St. Pierre Cathedral
  • Grand Théâtre de Genève
From Trip: Continental Teaser + Euro-Centric
By: JosieWeller

  • Jet d'Eau
  • Jardin Anglais
  • L'horloge fleurie
From Trip: Switserland and Italy
By: dupendup

Geneva is a city which situated in the west corner of Switzerland. It
contains an area around 109 sq miles. In year 1815 it was created
although at that time Switzerland was not organized until 1948. It
contains the biggest lake of Europe which is known as Lake Geneva.Lac
Leman is the official name of this lake. It contains the population
around 460,000 in which 40% are foreigners who love this official name
in French.

The main conception of adopting English is because of many organizations
in this state such as international Red Cross, United Nations, world
health organizations, international organization for standardization,
world trade organization, virtual library World Wide Web and world
economic forum. When World Wide Web developed the Tim burners Lee was
existing in Geneva at CERN laboratories. In the Switzerland, It has a
very pleasant clime over the climate so you can easily visit on any
time. Over the entire city second most famous country. In the city the
big tourist destination is Lake Geneva.

If we see throughout the city it has a beautiful view the Lake Leman.
Another thing which is loved by the visitors, it is their greenery along
with walk ways which is located at the center of the city. Besides
these all things are also invented here like wrist watch, was invented
in year 1868 by Patek Philippe. In year 2007 Geneva’s yatch club has won
an America cup. In this city many celebrities also resides here like
Nana Mouskouri who is a singer, Isabelle Adjani who is an actor, Phil
Collins who is a singer and many other celebrities as well.

There are many things to see in this city like Bourg-de-fours Pierre
Cathedral, Palais des Nations and airport, these all there are major
attractions. There are many things as well but these are the best place
to visit.

From Trip: Europe: Greece to UK
By: Kimmystrip

Plan Tour of CERN - 15 days prior to intended day

From Trip: DebDugas's trip 1
By: DebDugas

8:50 pm - Fly KLM from Amsterdam to Geneva Switzerland
then shuttle from Geneva Airport to hotel: Holiday Inn Express-Airport one night

  • Holiday Inn Express Geneva Airport
  • Jet d'Eau
  • Jardin Anglais
  • L'horloge fleurie
  • Parc des Bastions



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