Mobile site & Application


We are pleased to announce launching our Mobile site & application based on our main site matching concept in today's smartphones.
From now, the Mobile site will be the default on smartphones.
The Mobile site contains almost all the functionality of the main site and includes several important additions:

✔ View all community trips and your own.
✔ Enrich your trips by adding content during the trip and after such as : 
✔ Text 
✔ Pictures (from phone or directly from camera) 
✔ Videos uploaded on YouTube. 
✔ Display trip map including daily trips. 
✔ Navigate from your location to each of trip destinations or places of interest.
✔ Purchases of travel products such as flights, hotels, vehicles and packages.
✔ Search or Advanced Search for trips by destinations or places of interest.
✔ Display your location and places of interest nearby including navigation. 
✔ Sending trip to your friend(s) using various applications on your device (SMS, Mail, WhatsApp      etc.).