Trip Itinerary Planning with Voyajo

Road Planning with Voyajo is an experience by itself because you not only get helpful tips and ways to plan and book your trip, but a whole new way to learn more about the places you want to go to. The moment you sign up you become a part of the larger Voyajo community and you will be privy to numerous comments, reviews, pictures and really amazing tips from experienced travelers who have traveled all over with Voyajo. 

A typical road trip planning system begins with the input of destinations and number of days you are traveling. Once this information is keyed in you can plan detailed trip itinerary, side trips – all on a map, and you'll be offered a list of points of interest in each destination. There will be many variables to choose from, depending on your likes and dislikes, your time in hand. 

Your trip itinerary will use the itinerary planner to show the shortest route to your destination from your current as well as the more leisurely and scenic route. You can opt for side trips according to your interests or to plan a round trip with a starting and final destinations in the same point. If you plan a city trip the system will locate all the chosen points of interest on a map to let you plan the order of visiting them and to see the whole trip itinerary. 

You can get the pros and cons of each part of your travel from previous users all of whom became a part of the Voyajo community. There will be ready-to-use tips as well as detailed experiences and pictures to guide you when you are planning your trip.

The easy-to-use road trip planner wizard lets your create a customized trip itinerary as well as select from the numerous existing trips which are designed by knowledgeable travel experts as well as by other members of Voyajo community. These include time tested information on various destinations, a detailed list of tourist attractions and points of interests of each place. Frequent map updates ensure that you have the latest road developments and routes at your disposal while it calculates the shortest and the smartest route to get to your dream vacation.

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