Plan a new trip

Plan a trip

For registered users only.

This option is for planning a trip from scratch:

  •  First enter the header parameters:
    •  Change default trip name with a meaningful trip name.
    •  Trip description.
    •  Trip type (multi selection)
    •  Number of days
    •   Make this trip public
    •  A picture representing the trip
    •  A shared Youtube or Vimeo video representing the trip.
  •  Then enter the destinations or POI along the route by name search or by clicking on  the  map  selecting "Add to trip" from the balloon. The Destination or POI name search can be separated with  commas up to three parts :
    •  Destination name or POI
    •  State or region (Name or Code)
    •  Country (Name or Code)
  •  If you searched for a POI the results will be the nearest destinations for the desired POI with  the distance from the city center. Selecting the result POI will return a set of questions whether to create a new Destination with the selected POI or to add the POI to an existing Destination in a particular day.
  • In each destination you can change the type of transportation to get there. This change will cause a recalculating of the total km. 
  •  You can change the order of destinations by Drag & Drop.
  •   In each destination you can select the day's tour by selecting  the Poi's button.
  •   In each day you select the poi's to visit on that day and their order (change order by Drag &  Drop).
  • In each Poi you can change the type of transportation to get there.
  •  With the Add content button (The plus sign) you can add text, pictures & videos to the destinations, day's or Poi's. This contents will be printed in your trip summary.
  • The process of creating or editing a trip is followed by monitoring the process with a progress bar. Adding more Information will score higher. if you get hundred you will be "Super Voyajer"

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