Search for trips among the community shared trips

Search trips within the shared trips database by the following steps:
  • Select one or more continents (or select all).
  • Select one or more countries within those continents (or Select all).
  • Select a Destination or even a  Point of interest (Poi) with the help of our auto complete method.
  • The Destination or POI name search can be separated with  commas up to three parts :
    •  Destination name or POI
    •  State or region (Name or Code)
    •  Country (Name or Code)
  • If you are a registered user then you can add more selective parameters to your advanced search like: Trip type, Popularity, Days preferred, Ranking  and so on. 
  • The results of the search will be a group of trips that fulfill your requirements
  • The results will appear in groups of 5 trips each. On the top of the results will be your searched item. You can sort the results and select the one you wish to view by clicking the trip name or trip icon.
    • If you select the top search result you will get summary content from all trips of your required item.
    • At trip view select each destination details on map, from quick navigation or from detail list.
    • At destination view select each Poi details on map or from day(s) list.
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