About Voyajo

The world of travel and tourism is a vast world of  information. One of the main objectives of planning a trip is to gather all the relevant information and to build a 'Trip plan' in an interactive process on one website shared with the community. 

The goal of Voyajo.com is to bring users a new experience of a different kind. 
Voyajo.com offers two kinds of sessions 
  • Search trips (Recommended or Community) as requested by the user and display them on a dynamic map. The user have the capability to decide the preferred 'Trip Route' , and the option to extend or change the route.
  • Plan trips top down with all its elements (Destinations, Places of interest, Day by day activities, Pictures, Videos) integrated on one website
The trip plan is a dynamic plan that can be changed and updated in real time on the internet or via Desktop/Tablet/Mobile.

The trip plan may be shared with the community  or private.

'Trip Summary' can be printed with all the trip components.

All the purchase (Flights, Hotels, Cars, Etc.) are redirected from the website.
What makes Voyajo.com unique?

Voyajo.com is a breakthrough idea that gives the user a useful starting point for travel planning. According to the trip region and other requirements the user will receive recommended 'Trip Route' that will serve as good  starting point.

The Voyajo.com project is based on sophisticated tools including state of the art search tools. 

Travel different way with Voyajo.com

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