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Aimless Ambling Abroad

By: theandybravo
trip planner

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Days: 30
Km: 819
Posted: 20/05/2015
Updated: 20/02/2017
Types: Historic Places, Museums & Culture

Wanderlust has overcome me, I must go.
Flew to Amsterdam/Rotterdam where I stayed with my cousin, then went to Belgium via Antwerp to visit my uncle in Brussels, daytrip-turned-detour in the unexpectedly magical Ghent, economy flight to Budapest, blabla'd to Vienna and got really lucky with my ride whose husband would take me all the way to Salzburg in the morning, hitchhiked an entire day to get to Graz and patch-up a friendship, back to Vienna for my birthday– missed my bus and stayed up all night with the wildest bunch of CS's and a great Canadian friend, bus to Prague (got stopped/interrogated by the police for having a Mexican passport lol), bus to Dresden (again with the police!), arrived in Berlin and slept in the fanciest "hotel" a park playground could offer (because of a miscommunicated detail!) but Berlin rocks so it was a pleasure, and finally back to Amsterdam/Rotterdam where I kicked off my last night of half-a-year in Europe by riding a bike to Delft/Hauge and swimming in a canal and celebrating America's Independence Day with a bunch of U of Delft kids... to put it briefly ;)

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