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Springbok is the largest town in the Namaqualand area in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. it had a population of 10,294. Springbok is located on the N7 national road which connects the Cape with Namibia, and at the western end of the N14, which connects it with Upington and Pretoria (...) (from Wikipedia)


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212 kms from Klipheuwel to Springbok. Maybe look at staying near Clanwilliam

Springbok is the capital of Namaqualand. There is only one main road north from Cape Town to Namibia and Springbok is the last major town on the road before the border which is hundreds of kilometres away. Springbok is a peaceful and colourful town enfolded in a vast expanse of space and silence. The area is commonly called 'The Garden of the Gods' because of the spring wildflowers. The weather here is hot but blissful with an average 300 days of sun a year.

Lying in a well-watered and fertile valley, Clanwilliam is one of the oldest towns in South Africa and offers a variety of activities and attractions to the visitor including hiking, camping and watersports.To the east the valley is overlooked by the magnificent Cedarberg Mountains - renowned for its bizarre rock formations and giant boulders and home to ancient sites of bushman rock paintings, caverns and tunnels. Wild flowers abound in the valley and the landscape becomes a mass of brightly blooming flowers.Clanwilliam is also at the centre of Rooibos (redbush) tea production. This herbal tea, which is tannin free and rich in Vitamin C, is enjoyed in most local households as well as being exported extensively overseas.

The Clanwilliam Dam on the Oliphants River is a popular weekend destination for locals and offers excellent fishing grounds, as well as watersports such as boating and water-skiing.

Goegap Nature Reserve



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