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Paracas ('sand rain' from Quechua: para (rain) and aco (sand)) is the capital of the Paracas District in the Ica Region in Peru. A small port town catering to tourism, Paracas serves as the jumping point for tours to Islas Ballestas and to Paracas National Reservation. The beautiful Paracas Bay protected by Paracas Peninsula gives these shallow, warmer waters break from ocean waves permitting life to flourish, particularly near its south western edge encompassed within Paracas National Reserve (...)(from Wikipedia)


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From Trip: My South America Journey
By: GraemeBarrow

Day 40;
Further south the road climbs slightly and we rise above the coastal mist to find one of the world's greatest archaeological mysteries, the Nazca Lines, consisting of patterns and pictures etched in the ground, crisscrossing an area of flat desert. Some of the lines measure up to 10km (32 miles) in length, and yet remain perfectly straight. The depictions of birds, insects and animals are only recognizable from the air. Who drew the lines, and why, is something that modern archaeologists can only theorize about, but current beliefs suggest that they may be part of complex agricultural calendar. From the ground we can make out very little, and the best view is from a light aircraft,
which can easily be arranged.



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